Second Hand

Rotoplus LUC 1350 4x

Brand: EMC

Years of manufacturing: 2006


The machine has been completely overhauled by the EMC manufacturer

The machines have been completely disassembled

The conveyor belt has been replaced

All ball bearings have been replaced

The software has been updated

Warranty: Machine seen and liked

The machine is guaranteed for 6 months by the EMC, for electrical, electronic and mechanical parts

Selling price: 32.000€ plus VAT

Installation: On request

Delivery: 10 days


  • Working width 1300 mm
  • Line machine with fixed height 900 mm from floor
  • Number of brushes: 4x
  • Brushes diameter: 350 mm
  • Length of brushes: 400 mm
  • Counter-supported brush holder shafts with external bearing
  • Nr 4 independent motors, power 4kW (5.5hp) each
  • Inverter on the brushes
  • Self-ventilated brush cooling system
  • Inverter on the carousel
  • Variable speed feed through INVERTER adjustable from 0.6 to 6 m / min
  • Programmable working thickness
  • 11kW holding vacuum system
  • Touch screen control: Siemens S7
  • CE norms
  • Programming, setting and control of the rotation speed from “touch screen”
  • Voltage 400V 50Hz
  • Extracted air: 1x 200 mm hood (2820 m3 / h)
Metal Division