GIANT 4 Groups

A 1350 mm wide machine for high-quality furniture was delivered and installed in SPYTKOWICE (Poland).
Meble Ziobro, a company that has been in the furniture business for over 60 years, will manufacture all new products using a brand new four-operator machine. GIANT four-operator machine.
The internal aggregates, all of which are electronically controlled, allow a wide range of processing versatility.


Delivered and installed the HIGH PERFORMANCE machine to the "AS LATVIJAS FINIERIS" Group, a leader in the plywood processing sector, with several production plants in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, and sales offices in over 43 countries worldwide, employing over 13,000 workers.


With ill-concealed pride we would like to inform you that the company BOMBARDIER BUSINESS AIRCRAFT , based in Quebec (Canada), world famous for their aircraft, has chosen EMC to furnish the interior of their GLOBAL 7000* AIRCRAFT jets.

The line ROTOPLUS consists of several machines and transfers. It is fully automatic and synchronised, capable of finishing at the highest quality level.

GIANT 1350 4-group


The GIANT is positioned at the end of an automatic line for the production of seats, cutting boards and wood panels.

These workpieces can have up to 10mm difference in height and it is only thanks to these SPECIAL "TRIDIMENSIONAL" PADS that the sanding is homogeneous over the entire surface.

Brushed polish system installation

We are in the world centre of brushed polish, where EMC technicians have completed the installation of another high quality brushed polish plant. This is a complete automatic plant, consisting of a polishing machine and a through-feed polishing machine.

The company is F.A.B. SRL, an established manufacturer of doors with lacquered components for the furniture industry.

Giant 1650 installed in Fontanelle TV

IVANIK is a relatively new company entering the highly competitive market for the production of designer and high quality parquet flooring, but with an innovative machine that has not existed on the market until now.

The GIANT 1650 is capable of calibrating and 33 grooves using diamond blades in a single pass.

A machine with a useful width of 1650 mm and a multi-blade shaft was delivered and installed in Fontanelle TV.