Up to now, SANDBLASTING has always been achieved with the well-known Longitudinal Belt System (wide belt machining) and Transverse System (narrow belt machining) and with the help of increasingly sophisticated electronics applied to these two methods.

A innovative ROTARY sanding system patentedwhere the fusion of 3 different systems (wide sanding belt + 2 fixed electronic pads + the rotation of the whole sanding unit) in a single movement, creates a wonderful sanding with a PLANAR EFFECT never seen before.

With TRADITIONAL systems we have 3 editable working dimensions:

- conveyor belt speed;

- buffer pressure;

- speed of abrasive belt rotation.

With the new Plano System in addition to the standard parameters the 4th dimension has been addedthe speed of rotation of the rotating unit which determines the sanding effect on the panel.

This new system completely changes the dynamics of the sanding PROCESS.
This new system completely changes the dynamics of the sanding process because, while in the traditional system it is the abrasive belt that enters the panel, in the Planar® System it is the panel that enters the belt.

This movement guarantees a perfect sanding on all 4 edges of the panel, ensuring a perfect "radius edge" between edge and corner. In this way, there is no longer an infeed and outfeed of the belt on the workpiece, but it is the workpiece that will "PLANER" on the belt.

Why choose the Plano System®?

  1. PLANAR SANDING on the entire surface thanks to the rotary system.
  2. PERFECT SANDING on the edges of the panel.

Optimised edge management and total elimination of paint build-up on edges.

  1. LESS SPACE REQUIRED space of the sanding lines.

With the PLANARE process, the sanding process is concentrated in a single sanding machine, thus optimising the space inside the plant and there will be no more lines with 2 or 3 sanding machines and conveyor rollers.


The new Planare® System uses only one sanding machine and is able to produce many more square metres per hour than traditional machines made up of longitudinal and transverse units, thanks to the possibility of working "piece by piece" or "full table", thus producing more square metres of parts at the same speed.


Easy to program thanks to the 15'4" Touch Screen located on board the machine and the possibility to save more than 200 programs. Intuitive because, thanks to the easy-to-use graphics, the work can be perfected directly from the machine, controlling the workpiece and changing the settings with absolute speed and decimal perfection.


Up to 60% of electricity can be saved.


With this rotary system you can ensure an even wear of the sanding belt, thus doubling its lifetime. With only one belt and changing only the grit size, it is possible to sand any type of surface depending on the request (paint/melamine/polyester/long vein/cross vein/mosaic/Corian etc etc).

Machines equipped with Plano System®

Plano is a machine designed to encompass the entire Planar® system. Planare® Systemsystem, created and patented to totally absorb the system. É configurable at will and and can also be integrated with traditional systems.. Totally designed and built in Italy, the Plano machine is the true MADE IN ITALY brand in the world. MADE IN ITALY brand in the world..

What comes from the combination of cutting-edge technology, ease of use and ecology integrated in a multi-directional sanding process that ensures an unrivalled flatness and finish is the is the Planar® Systemfrom all this comes the Plano.

Configurations PLANO


Maximum product versatility

(raw wood, veneer, MDF, primer, polished, Corian), to be implemented on an existing line or stand alone allows the typical Plano System processing in the various processes.


Specialised in heavy machining, where preliminary roughing is required

(raw wood, veneer, MDF, underlay). It combines the removal capacity of the roller unit with the outstanding finish of the rotary unit.


Specialised for very high quality finishing, perfect for pre-brush sanding and equipped with the new patented "Gate" system that increases the brushing speed with an unprecedented finish on the same belt.


Customisable configuration for every need


Roller Operator Superfinisher Transverse Op. Transverse Op.
Transverse Op.
Orbital Operator

Discover the secrets of 4D sanding with a qualified team at your disposal to experience the perfection and simplicity of the Plano System.


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