Plano System


Up until today, it was thought that FINISHING could only be done with the well-known Longitudinal System (wide-belt finishing) and the Cross System (narrow-belt finishing), and with the help of increasingly-sophisticated electronics applied to these two methods.

Today, EMC Italia srl and LIQ ITALIA are pleased to present a NEW SYSTEM that will revolutionise the way you SAND, POLISH AND FINISH YOUR PRODUCTS…


This new ROTARY finishing system features the fusion of 3 different systems (a wide abrasive belt + 2 fixed electronic pads + the rotation of the all abrasive unit) a single movement, creating unrivalled finished surfaces with a never-seen-before GLIDING effect.

With TRADITIONAL SYSTEMS, there are 3 modifiable working dimensions:

• conveyor belt speed

• pad pressure

• abrasive belt rotation speed”

In addition to the standard parameters, a 4th dimension is added with the new Plano System®: the rotation speed of the rotary unit, which determines the final effect of the panel’s surface.

This new system completely changes the dynamics of the FINISHING PROCESS because, while it is the abrasive belt to enter the panel in traditional systems, in the Plano System®, the panel enters the belt.

This movement ensures the perfect finish on all four borders of the panel, guaranteeing a perfect “seamless edge” between the border and corner. In this way, there is no longer an infeed and outfeed of the belt on the piece, but rather the piece that “GLIDES” along the belt.

Why choose the Plano System®?


1. PLANAR finishing across the entire surface; thanks to the rotary system.

2. PERFECT finishing at the edges of the panel.

Optimal management of corners and the complete elimination of accumulated paint along the edges.

3. A SMALLER FOOTPRINT than finishing lines.

With PLANAR finishing, the entire finishing process is concentrated in one single finishing machine, thereby optimizing space within the facility. Say goodbye to lines with 2 or 3 finishing machines and conveyor rollers.

4. MORE productive.

The new Plano System® uses only one machine while boosting the m2 finished per hour with respect to traditional equipment made up of longitudinal and cross units, thanks to the ability to work “piece by piece” or with a “full workbench”, thereby outputting more square meters of pieces at the same speed.

5. A SIMPLE and INTUITIVE system.

Simple to programme thanks to the 15’4” touch screen placed on the machinery, with the ability to save up to 200 settings. Thanks to the easy-to-understand graphics, the control panel is
intuitive, with the ability to fine-tune the job directly from the machine, controlling the piece and changing the settings, to decimal accuracy, instantly.


Saving up to 60% more energy.

7. ECONOMIC in sanding belt consumption.

With this rotary system, the sanding belt is guaranteed to wear evenly, thereby doubling its duration. With one single belt, and changing only the grit, it is possible to finish any type of surface according to the requested finish (paint/melamine/polyester/rip cut wood/ cross cut wood/mosaic/Corian, etc.).

Plano System® Machines

The result of PLANARITY, COMPACT size, SPEED, SIMPLICITY and AFFORDABILITY is the Plano System®. In turn, this gave rise to the PLANO

PLANO a machine designed to contain the entire Plano System®, created and patented to fully encase the system.

PLANO a machine that can be configured as you please, or even integrated with traditional systems.

PLANO a machine entirely designed and built in Italy, thereby boasting the true MADE IN ITALY label.

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