Our strength, the group.

Year 1999

    • 10%

    • La EMC born in 1999 a Monterenzio BO in a small 260 m2 building, but with a solid foundation based on the thirty years' experience of its founders, who have been trained in companies world leaders in woodworking machinery.

Year 2002

    • 30%

    • In 2002 EMC moves to Imola and into the new 780 m2 factory.
      Over the years EMC growing rapidlyand the experience is complemented by young engineers and technicians who bring fundamental knowledge of new technologies to the company.

Year 2005

    • 60%

    • The product range is being significantly expanded, and in addition to machines for small and medium-sized industries in the 2005 is designed and manufactured high-end range for large industries.

Year 2006

    • 70%

    • In December 2006 EMC moves into new premises of 2,300 m2, a move made necessary by a significant increase in orders.

Year 2017

    • 80%

    • In September 2017 EMC expands further. Upwards!

      Kardex, an award-winning German manufacturer of industrial warehouses, delivered two vertical warehouses with semi-automatic loading and unloading and connection to the company's management software.

Year 2018

    • 90%

    • The 2018 was a revolutionary year in that we opened our own Metal Division and started the design and manufacture of metalworking machines


    • 100%

    • Today EMC confirms itself as a very dynamic company with various projects in the pipeline.
      EMC's primary focus continues to be on increasing the performance and reducing the price of its range of machines.
      In line with this objective, a new product range is planned based on the use of innovative technologies and strong product engineering.
metalworking machines
metal cleaning machines

Our Patents

1. Patent No. BO20141000392

PLANO Multipurpose sander for MULTIDIRECTIONAL SURFACE FINISHING, surface treatment

2. Patent No. BO2012A000364

G13. Machine for finishing semi-finished metal and non-metal parts.